Buying & Preserving Fruits and Vegetables Safely During the Pandemic


During quarantine, have you noticed your vegetables withering after a day out at room temperature, or the discoloration after a few days in the fridge? How do we keep them fresh?


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Source: Agricultural Knowledge Portal


  1. Leafy Vegetables

It is recommended to put them into a plastic bag, or covered with a damp kitchen towel then wrapped in saran wrap.


Tip: Remember to put newly bought vegetables in a sealed bag in the fridge to prevent water loss. It also preserves it away from outside bacteria.


  1. “Dirty” Vegetables



Tip: Even if the vegetables have dirt on them, you can put them into the fridge, either wrapped in a damp kitchen towel plus saran wrap or a sealed plastic bag.


  1. Onions

Do not store onions in a sealed bag, otherwise it will grow mold.


Tip: Onions aren’t suitable for sealed plastic bags because they can mold. The best method is putting them into bowls in a cool, ventilated area or in a net bag.


  1. Mangoes

Wrap them up in paper bags or newspapers to keep them fresh!


Tip: You can leave unripe mangoes out at room temperature, then refrigerate them when they’re ripe. In the fridge, do not wrap in plastic bags, otherwise they will get wet and rot.






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